Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm not at the beach...

Friday is my day off, which means I get a whole day to pay bills, do laundry and get the house clean so we can spend our weekend together carefree as happy as clams.

Today I woke up (at 8:21, sigh) and noticed the sun was filtering through the curtains quite nicely. And brightly. Rhyme! So what did I do? Donned my favorite suit as fast as humanly possible, loaded up my chair, my book and my maui babe and ran, not walked, but maybe skipped, to the car.  So far my big decision of the day was if I felt like driving to my favorite beach, which is five minutes from my house.  I hastily concluded that my soul could not be without sunshine, sand and waves for that long, so I whipped into my second favorite beach, a 2 minute drive from my house.

And here I am.  I think everyone should live in Hawaii.  Ahhhhh. No better way to do my chores.

1 comment:

  1. Please clarify. What is a Maui Babe? Or shouldn't I ask?